Driving Strategic Modernization to Innovation Opportunities
Time: 0915 - 1015
Moderator: Bob Burton, NC DEFTECH Director
Description: The discussion will focus on identifying and leveraging future requirements and innovations to address emerging threats and challenges. Panelists will provide valuable insights into current projects and future directions, highlighting specific business opportunities to engage and collaborate. Attendees will learn about the resources available to support their efforts in meeting these challenges, ensuring they are well-equipped to participate in and benefit from the evolving federal technology landscape.


  • Major Anthony 'Wedge' Bunker, Branch Chief, AFWERX, a technology directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)
  • Ron McNeal, SVIP Transition Director, DHS Science & Technology Directorate
  • Chris Rabassi, Small Business Programs, Marine Corps Installations East
  • Beverly Seay, Southeast Regional Director, National Security Innovation Network (NSIN)
  • TBA, Army Applications Lab, Army Futures Command

Joint Force and Installation Modernization Shark Tank
Time: 1045 – 1145
Moderator: Bob Burton, NC DEFTECH Director
Description: In this mini Shark Tank session, four selected companies will each have five minutes to pitch their innovative technology solutions, followed by five minutes of questions and feedback from government representatives. This interactive and dynamic format provides a unique opportunity for companies to showcase their cutting-edge solutions and receive valuable, direct feedback from key government decision-makers. Attendees will gain insights into what the government is looking for, increasing their chances of successful collaboration and business growth within the federal marketplace.

Lunch Program Featuring Strategic Joint Force Modernization Fireside Chat
Time: 1200 - 1315
Moderator: Bob Burton, NC DEFTECH Director
Speaker: TBA
Description: This fireside chat will explore Army and Marine Corps modernization priorities, workforce development, and critical national security topics. Gain insights into the future directions of these forces and understand the critical role innovation plays in maintaining national security. The discussion will also cover the importance of developing a skilled workforce to support these modernization efforts. Hear from key leaders and experts about how cutting-edge technologies and strategies are essential to stay ahead of emerging threats and ensure a robust defense infrastructure.  The chat will include a 45-minute discussion followed by a Q&A session.

Tech Protect and Due Diligence Requirements
Time: 1345 – 1445
Moderator: Bob Burton, NC DEFTECH Director
Description: This roundtable panel will provide an in-depth and comprehensive overview of the current threat landscape, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding intellectual property and understanding businesses' critical due diligence requirements. Covering a wide range of topics, including evolving threats and counterintelligence, physical and operational security, cybersecurity, and export controls, our distinguished experts will share their extensive knowledge and practical advice. They will offer strategies to protect your technology and business from threats, ensuring compliance with the latest regulatory requirements. This panel discussion will equip you with the tools and resources to secure your innovations and enhance your competitiveness in the federal marketplace, ensuring you are well informed and prepared.


  • Laura Rodgers, Director, Cybersecurity Practice, Secure Computing Institute, NC State University
  • Ari Kozlow, Special Agent, U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), Office of Export Enforcement
  • Elizabeth Dougherty, Regional Outreach Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s Eastern Regional Office
  • Jay Gamble, Regional Director, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)
  • TBA, FBI Charlotte - Raleigh, NC

Workforce Development Panel: Preparing the Next Generation of Innovators
Time: 1515-1615
Moderator: Bob Burton, NC DEFTECH Director
Description: This panel will explore the critical role of workforce development in driving innovation and meeting the needs of the federal marketplace. Representatives from leading educational institutions and organizations will discuss strategies, programs, and partnerships to equip the future workforce with essential skills and knowledge. The discussion will emphasize the importance of digital transformation in educational curricula, highlighting how integrating cutting-edge technologies prepares students for national security and technological advancement roles. Attendees will gain insights into successful workforce development initiatives and the resources available to support their efforts, ensuring a robust and innovative talent pool for the federal marketplace.


  • Sherine O. Obare, PhD, Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement, Professor, Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Chris Crumbly, Executive Director, The Institute for Digital Enterprise Advancement (IDEA)
  • Jason Thompson, CEO, Veterans Engineering, Training, & Services (VETS, LLC.)
  • Rhiannon Holley, Department Chair, Systems Security & Analysis, Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC)
  • TBA, East Carolina University (ECU)

Operational Integration of Tactical Innovation with Strategic Requirements
Presenter: TBA, XVIII Airborne Corps
Time: 1615 – 1700
Description: This panel will provide an overview of the Fort Liberty Innovation Outpost, highlighting its role in fostering innovation and collaboration to address the needs of the modern warfighter. Companies will gain direct access to Warfighter touchpoints, enabling real-time feedback and collaboration on emerging tactical problems. Engaging with the Outpost ensures technologies are aligned with actual Warfighter needs, enhancing military operations and offering companies a competitive edge in the federal marketplace. Attendees will learn how the Outpost bridges innovative companies and military units, accelerating the development of impactful solutions for national security.

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