Roundtable 1: Forced Entry in a Complex Environment  Warfighters from NC based units will discuss the strategic, operational, and tactical challenges that define the problem set for future warfighting missions and identify gaps in innovation and technologies required to address these problems.

  • Colonel John Wilcox, Garrison Commander, Fort Liberty, North Carolina
  • Colonel Daniel Kearney, Commander, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division
  • Jock Padgett, Chief Technology Officer, XVIII Airborne Corps
  • Gene Ebersole, Squadron Commander for Technology Development, US Army Special Operations Command
  • Tom Earnhardt, Force Development Planner, Joint Special Operations Command

Roundtable 2: Emerging Technologies - Examining the Latest Innovations in Defense  Representatives from the Army and universities’ defense-related centers of excellence will focus on the latest and most promising technologies in the defense industry, including unmanned systems, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and more.  During the discussion, panelists will share their expertise, research findings, and experiences working with these emerging technologies.  They will highlight success stories, ongoing projects, and the challenges to address for effective implementation and integration into defense systems.

  • Dr. Stephen Lee, Chief Scientist, US Army Research Office, US Army Research Laboratory
  • Colonel Tyler E. Harris, MD, FAAOS, Surgical Specialty Advisor, Army Medical Central Simulation Committee and Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon, Womack Army Medical Center
  • Dr. Blake Bextine, Program Manager, Biological Technologies Office, Defense Advanced Research Project Agency
  • Keith Wheeler, Executive Director, Office of National Security and Industry Initiatives, East Carolina University
  • Justin Helton, Science Advisor, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Office of Naval Research

Roundtable 3: The Future of Warfare - Preparing for Emerging Threats  Representatives of military commands will examine emerging threats to national security and how technology can be leveraged to address these threats, including new approaches to warfighting and the changing nature of conflict in the 21st century.  This panel brings together experts from various government agencies and defense organizations to discuss the strategies and technologies needed to address these threats and ensure effective preparedness for the future of warfare.

  • Lieutenant Colonel Alex “STOIKY” Goldberg, Strategic, Defense and Commercial Engagement Lead, Texas Regional hub, Defense Innovation Unit
  • Brance Hudzietz, Director of Corporate Ventures, Army Applications Lab
  • Ian Clowes, Government Stakeholder Lead, AFWERX, a technology directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)
  • John Whiteaker, Regional Engagement Principal (Carolinas), National Security Innovation Network (NSIN)
XVIII Airborne Corp's Innovators.  Captain Shawn Cooper, XVIII Airborne Corps Innovation Officer, will explain the Division’s new Innovation Lab and initiatives to foster innovation to include its “shark tank” process.